Custom Plastic Packaging in China

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Why Choose Belpax?

Belpax provides efficient plastic packaging solutions and produces top-quality cosmetic containers, jars, tubes, acrylic containers, and closures.

Trustworthy industrial expertise

We are a team of experienced multicultural talents backed by top-notch machinery solutions in China. Having worked with numerous western brands, Belpax can tackle any custom plastic packaging project with ease.
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Plastic Packaging Supplier In China

Most cost-effective Solution

At Belpax, we never upsell our services. We are transparent throughout the whole process. Our account managers will make sure you are getting the most cost-effective solutions for your custom packaging project.

Strict Quality Control Management

Quality control is vital to maintaining proper and successful manufacturing operations. Belpax ensures that all your custom packaging projects meet the highest standards of quality. We manufacture at ISO 9001 certified factories.
Plastic Packaging In China
China Custom Plastic Packaging

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

We manufacture in compliance with ISO 14001. Belpax can source biodegradable raw plastic materials based on the project’s scope and requirements. We will recommend you the best eco-friendly approach to custom packaging.

Our Plastic Solutions

Got a project in mind? We pride ourselves in the creation of high-quality solutions for growing brands. Have a look at the custom plastic packaging solutions we offer.

Lip Gloss & Lipstick Containers

Belpax provides a wide range of lip gloss containers for cosmetic packaging.
We use top-quality AS, ABS, PETG, and PCTG materials to create lip gloss and lipstick containers.

Cosmetic Packaging Tubes

We manufacture plastic tubes that guarantee a high degree of product protection. Work with Belpax and create plastic packaging tubes
ideal for facial cleansers, primers, sunscreens, lotions, and other cosmetic products.

Plastic Jars

Belpax offers a wide range of plastic jars, acrylic containers, and closures. We supply custom-made Poly (methyl methacrylate) and HDPE containers, capable of
covering food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Other Plastic Packaging Solutions

Chocolate Trays

Plastic chocolate trays with heart shape

Customize vacuum-formed chocolate trays with Belpax. Send the size, shape, and volume to get started.

Shipping Trays

Plastic Trays
Custom design protective packaging for products in transit. Applicable to a wide range of niche and products.


Customize jars, bottles and kegs using moisture-resistant polyethylene terephthalate.

Blister Pack

Plastic Packaging for Electronics&Electrical Appliance Plastic Packaging

We can meet your custom Blister packing needs efficiently. Work with us and develop blister packaging for the retail market.

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