Custom Label and Sticker Printing in China

Create your own custom stickers and labels in any size with Belpax

Our Sticker and Label Solutions

We manufacture custom labels and stickers in a broad range of shapes and sizes with a variety of materials.

Kraft Paper Label

Luxury label with kraft paper

We can manufacture coated or laminated labels made from Eco-friendly Kraft paper substrate.

Vintage Label

Vintage Paper Sticker

Work with Belpax and manufacture vintage labels in different textures, according to your product preferences.

Label with Metallic Texture

Hot stamping stickers

Fancy a premium label solution? Print gold or silver or gold metallic foil stickers in custom typography, shape and size.

Custom Wine Labels

luxury wine label

Order custom, durable, water-resistant and smudge-proof wine labels to highlight the story of your esteemed brand.

Label with Lamination

Premium label with lamination

Looking for a durable label solution? We manufacture laminated labels in all shapes and sizes.

Resin Label (Domed Sticker)

Resin Label (Domed Label)

Resin labels will stick to almost all smooth, flat surfaces. Contact us if you need custom Dome stickers in sheet format.

Transparent Label

Transparent Sticker

Clear labels are ideal for bottles, jars and general product packaging. We can manufacture waterproof and oil resistant transparent labels.

Double-sided Label

Double Sided Square Label

Design and print bespoke double-sided labels with Belpax. Choose textured papers, metallic synthetics, standard synthetics etc. based on your preferences.

Brushed Metal Stickers

Square-shaped hot stamping stickers

Shiny and brushed metallic stickers adds a premium touch to your product packaging. Moreover, PET Lamination will secure the sticker from rough weather and sunlight.

Laser Hologram Label

Hologram Sticker

We will help you create custom Laser Holograms, 2D/3D holograms, Dot Matrix Holograms, etc. according to your preferences.

Other Custom Label Solutions

Custom sticker

Need something else? Work with us to create custom labels and stickers using industry standard materials. We can supply Synthetic Paper Labels, Warranty VOID Labels, Vinyl Stickers, and more.

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