Co-packing and Re-packing in Free Trade Zones in China

Distributed to International Supermarkets and Club Stores

Belpax provides contract packing services to consumer goods brands that require further stages for their products in China. This can mean a multitude of actions by hand or machine: repacking with secondary packaging materials, labeling, lot coding, shrink-wrapping, multi-packing/club packs, bundle wrapping, poly bagging, in-store displays, pallet display, and kit assembly.

Why Copack/Repack Your Products in China?

Avoid Paying High Freight Costs of Packaging Materials, and Reduce Your Carbon Foot Print

Product owners avoid paying high freight costs to ship bulky packaging materials from China to the country where the factories are located, and shipping the finished goods back to China or other Asian countries.

Take Advantage of Lower Labor Costs

Belpax pays well to their co-packing operators, but it's very likely that the packing cost per unit will be still cheaper in China than in your home country.

Shorten Lead Time and Boost Your Sales

Shipping packaging materials from China to your country can take more than a few weeks. During the Coronavirus pandemic, the lead time on the transport is more uncertain.

Your Distribution Center for the Chinese Market

Having a distribution center offers your customers more convenience and flexibility. Belpax will ship your products to chain stores, wholesalers and individual customers.

Why Working with Belpax?

Safety and Security

Belpax's familar with international food safety and security audit. The operators are trained regularly on food safety and security.

Guaranteed Traceability

We record detailed information of each batch of bulk and finished products.

Flexible Labor Capacity

Belpax offers additional labor capacity to shorten the lead time based on your needs. Off-site co-packing service is available.

One-Stop Packaging and Packing Solution

Belpax takes care of all the packaging materials, re-packing process and import/export documentation.

Full Logistics Management

We track and verify every step of your logistics from bulk products leaving your factory until finished products shipped to your final destination.

Free Compliance Consultancy

Our account manager will assist you throughout the whole process to make sure that your project complys with import&export regulations in China.

Frequently Asked Questions

From fully defining your needs, implementing safety and quality measures, to shipping your goods to the final destination, a specialist will accompany you throughout the whole co-packing process. A typical co-packing process:

1. The client and Belpax examine together all aspects of the products and their co-packing requirements, based on which Belpax sends a quote. A co-packing guide and agreement will be drafted and signed.

2. Bulk products arrive at the Port of Shanghai in China.

3. Customs clearance and shipping of the goods to the copacking facility.

4. Unloading and entry to the facility.

5. Re-packing according to predefined requirements.

6. Loading, exiting the warehouse, customs clearance, and shipping to your destination.

Yes, our copacking facility has passed BRC Storage and Distribution audit with the copacking module. We will work on a new audit if required. 

If you sell to Asian-Pacific markets, such as USA, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Australia, you might choose to repack your goods in our facility. Belpax copacks products regularly for these markets.  

No. Adding a secondary packaging does not change the HS code or the nature of the product. You will benefit from any free trade agreement as if it’s packed in your home country.

No. Customs duty will be paid only when the finished products are imported into Mainland China. 

We offer both thermostatic and non-thermostatic bonded warehouses in Jiaxing Free Trade Zone. We will recommend the right type of warehouse based on your needs.

Co-packing, re-packing and contract packing are similar. While co-packers all offer similar services, each of them tends to specialize in certain areas.

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